Maneesh Kuruvilla, PhD

Maneesh Kuruvilla is a postdoctoral researcher in sociology at the Australian National University. He is interested in applying his background in behavioural neuroscience to the study of role-taking.

Research Interests

Psychology, neuroscience, communication, memory, navigation


Maneesh is a memory and navigation researcher, which means that he investigates what goes on in our brain when we try to find our way in new places or get lost in familiar ones. He has a PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of St Andrews (Scotland) and has published academic papers across the fields of behavioural neuroscience and behavioural economics. When he isn’t in the lab, Maneesh is performing musical stand-up comedy covering the lighter side of academia and his research. His sets have been showcased at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival and in the BBC marquee at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. For his contributions to research, outreach and science communication, Maneesh was awarded the Principal’s Medal in 2018, the highest honour at the University of St Andrews.

Maneesh is on Twitter: @mvkuruvilla